Selected works

coming out (of the kiln)

Honours research, presented as five finished works and written Exegesis.

Kiln formed and cold worked glass, wood and paint.



*Photography Adam McGrath- HCREATIONS

Coming out (of the kiln) explores the paradox of the queer self, searching for an authentic queer voice between the exaggerated performance of self and the suppression of true self. This exploration of self is paralleled with the exploration of a material voice through glass. Using the ‘Queer art of Failure’, I challenge the normative assumptions of glass as a material in our built environment, creating and revealing subtle deviations in precision in intimate scaled, minimalistic ‘slabs’ of glass. These expose ‘flaws’, the hand of the maker, the non-binary and the idiosyncrasies within each piece which are analogous to the idiosyncrasies within people.

fag (there’s glitter on the floor after the party)

*Photography Wendy Dawes

they took the crown, but it’s alright

*Photography Wendy Dawes

you took my sadness out of context

*Photography Wendy Dawes

a grey area

*Photography Wendy Dawes

all the bricks they threw at me

*Photography Wendy Dawes

Transitory Spaces  ( 1 - 4 )

Collaboration with Meagan Jones & Louis Grant

Colour photograph on photographic paper, ply wood, etched float glass, screws. 


Made for "Home Is Where The Heat Is", celebrating 10 years of the Canberra Glassworks.

*Photography Adam McGrath- HCREATIONS


Built decay

Cast glass and cast cement.

2015, 2017.

Made for "Home Is Where The Heat Is", celebrating 10 years of the Canberra Glassworks.


*Photography Adam McGrath- HCREATIONS

Continuum series

Mixed media installation.


Installation shot from 2016 Graduate Exhibition, ANU School of Art + Design. 

Louis's graduating work used process and time based methods to create imagery and sculptural objects that portray his experience of working through grief. Clinical yet poetic, the work evoked a sense of awkward discomfit and beauty, expressing the changing sensations of grief and loss.

Material and process blended into gesture and performance through the filming of these methods of making. 

Louis Grant_D0A5381.jpg
Louis Grant_D0A5377.jpg

*Photography David Paterson- Dorian Photographics


*Photography Adam McGrath- HCREATIONS

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 5.39.07 pm.png
Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 5.41.35 pm.png

*Digital still courtesy the artist

Untitled studies

from Continuum series

Studies in glass, print media, and performance.

*Photography David Paterson- Dorian Photographics, Adam McGrath- HCREATIONS, and artists own.

Louis Grant Composite_D0A5423.jpg

*Photography David Paterson- Dorian Photographics


Mixed media installation.


Investigating and deconstructing my personal experiences of Jigamy, a visually beautiful and spiritually charged Aboriginal ‘Keeping Place’ on the Far South Coast of New South Wales. 

My personal methods of documenting this experience drew on Polaroid and macro digital photography, video recordings and reflective writing. The resulting images tend to capture the still, sensitive and meditative moments I experienced and are influenced by a heavy sense of spirituality. However, my written reflections showed a disconnect from those moments, a sense of struggling to take in the richness around me, as ideas of ephemeral and fleeting moments distracted my presence. 

The sharing of Indigenous and non-Indigenous oral histories of the land that I have experienced, have inspired a complete transformation of the ‘self’, where the familiar (the Australian landscape), is perceived through the eyes of a different cultural lens. What is familiar, is not necessarily known, until it is perceived experientially.

*Photography courtesy of the artist