I use the production of work, in a glass and mixed media studio-based practice, to speculate, investigate and process the world around me. This has been my mode of art making for the past several years. Internal dialogues around current issues in my world create outward dialogues in my material explorations. I interrogate and embody parts of my own lived experience in the hope my works will conjure emotive responses with viewers. My process has often revolved around the production, collection and curation of objects with parts, or individuals, creating a whole. Non-linear narratives run through my work and have predominantly focused on dimensions of loss, grief, longing and nostalgia. 

My current work explores the paradox of the queer self, searching for an authentic queer voice between the exaggerated performance of self and the suppression of true self. This exploration of self is paralleled with the exploration of a material voice through glass. Using the ‘Queer art of Failure’, I challenge the normative assumptions of glass as a material in our built environment, creating and revealing subtle deviations in precision in intimate scaled, minimalistic ‘slabs’ of glass. These expose ‘flaws’, the hand of the maker, the non-binary and the idiosyncrasies within each piece which are analogous to the idiosyncrasies within people.

Louis graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Art (Glass) in 2016 from the ANU School of Art & Design, and graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Art (Honours) in 2018.


Email- contact@louisgrantcreative.com